CBC Values

Our values should help us and others understand who we are. This is our identity as CBC. Our values should be on display and seen in everything we do and say so that we are easily identifiable. Not for show, but because we are our values.

They should be lived out in our daily lives. Not just something for Sundays or the direct ministry of CBC. Rather, we adopt them as family and live them out as family.

Our values, as Central Baptist Church, should inform our vision as we take part in the mission of God.


Worship is to make oneself lower (literally or figuratively) out of respect and reverence. This is our appropriate response to honour and glorify the Lord God which is born out of a recognition of who He is.’

The starting point of lowering ourselves (worship) is acknowledging Christ as Lord and coming in repentance and faith to Him in order to live in relationship with God through Christ. We could say that this is our greatest act of worship.

All other acts of worship flow from acknowledging Christ as Lord. The outworking of this value is expressed in our Sunday morning gatherings through sung praise, prayer, serving, communion, engaging with the Bible, financial offering, and more.

Our aim is to grow as a church family to be concerned with worship in all of life. You will regularly hear whole life language, challenge, and encouragement in sermons and in other ways such as an LICC This Time Tomorrow slot in our gatherings.


Here at Central Baptist Church we consider ourselves a diverse family with over 20 nations represented. We celebrate together, mourn together, and share together in different ways. We have regular bring and share lunches and other activities outside of a Sunday gathering that allow us to spend time with one another, offer support, challenge, love, encouragement, and laughter!

There is the opportunity to put your roots down into our church family through membership.


With a rich history dating from 1831, and associated to William Carey (with a Carey Museum located in the church premises), we have a deep commitment to global and local mission. We have strong links with BMS, supporting link missionaries in various countries of the world and are involved in ecumenical mission in the city.

We understand from Jesus’ ministry and the ministry of the early church that mission has both spiritual and practical elements to it, so we look to apply this to what we do towards the Lord God’s mission.

We are deeply concerned with the spiritual need for people to acknowledge Christ as Lord and are building a strong evangelistic ministry through which we hope to see salvation come to our city! Through prayer, preaching, outreach ministry such as Church in the City, ecumenical city focused ministry, and equipping our church family for whole life worship we hope to make an impact.

In terms of practical mission please click on the Centre Project to see more. Otherwise contact the church for further information and involvement. We are heavily involved in positive community transformation through these projects and through working with other churches, agencies, and service providers in the city.


If discipleship is to learn from and follow a teacher then ours is the Lord Jesus Christ. We understand here at CBC that to grow in our discipleship we must be devoted to Jesus and engage with those things that help us to grow in Christ.

For those who are new to the faith and want to commit themselves to Christ, we offer various resources, discussion, opportunities to respond to Christ, and believer’s baptism.

As we seek to be a healthy and growing church, we encourage all members to attend various groups and activities to strengthen personal discipleship. You can find out more by visiting the small groups, baptism, and prayer pages.

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